What Is Fast Speed Internet?

What is fast speed internet? Well, it’s the one thing that everyone wished they had, that is for sure. Fast internet makes a lot of things very possible, including giving you more access to media and better upload speeds. Internet is given to use through the use of different technological devices, and this largely determines the speed of your connection. The speed itself has everything to do with how fast your upload and download speed is. This is determined by Ping tests. A ping test can be run off any website. A good ping time for upload and download speed is anywhere from 50mbps for upload and 25mbps for download. Anything more than that is of course considered very fast. When you are investigating where to get your internet connection from, you should look at the upload and download speed that your internet provider is offering you and also the coverage in your area. The faster the speeds, the faster your internet.

When you go and get your internet connection from a provider, they will advertise the fastest connection speed, which is generally the download speed. The less this is, in proportion to the upload speed, the better for everyone involved. Your download speed is also the faster connection as all of the stuff that you receive comes directly from the internet and does not have to be routed through third party signal providers. Should you be running a business, you need to be aware of the upload speed. Try get a connection that has symmetrical upload and download speeds, just so that you can upload large files if your business needs to do this.

Some other facts about fast internet

The better the amount of coverage that you have, the better your internet speed. If you are in an area where the broadband signal is not that strong, you will struggle to get a decent signal simply because you will be up against a lot of third party routing that will slow your connection down, crippling the access that you have to proper internet speeds.

You might also want to differentiate between the wired and wireless connections. Sometimes it is better to get a router and a LAN cable to plug into your computer, so that the internet has a focused place to go and your connection is more stable. WiFi connections tend to be a bit slower, as they redirect more, constantly.

Of course one of your best options is to make sure that you have a satellite internet link up. These are also the best when it comes to the variety of places that you can have access to fast, high speed internet.

High Speed Satellite Internet Access for Rural America

Do you feel the need for high speed Internet access and simply can’t get it? Not every home has access to DSL or Cable broadband Internet access services. In fact over 30 million people still can’t receive high speed Internet access. The costs of setting up DSL or cable access throughout the country, to each home, are in the billions of dollars. There are many promises that DSL or cable is coming, but when. Unfortunately it all boils down to economics, too few subscribers with too many miles. To many, satellite Internet access offers the solution. Satellite Internet service allows virtually everyone, anywhere to have access to lightning-fast broadband Internet access. There are two types of satellite Internet service, “one way” and “two way” systems.

With two way satellite systems the satellite dish sends and receives information over the Internet and delivers it your computer. The real benefit of a two way system is that you’re able to receive high speed access without tying up your phone line. Two way satellite service also give you an always on system. Download speeds can be as high as 1.5mpbs with upload speed about 128kbps.

One way satellite Internet access utilizes a dial up connection for upload page requests and offers similar download speeds of 256kbps to 1.5mbps. One way satellite Internet access is more reliable and economical than two-way satellite Internet services. It’s faster and more reliable because one way satellite Internet doesn’t experience the same time-out delays caused by “two-way” approach of uploading requests to the satellite. Satellites are really designed to broadcast and not receive information from small transmitters. One way satellite service takes advantage of satellite’s strengths by using it for downloading of information only. As you know, when you’re using a dial-up Internet service, your waiting time is based on downloading the information over your telephone line. The use of satellite Internet to download eliminates the problem.

If you are uploading tremendous amounts of information then a two way satellite system may be right for you. On the other hand, for average to moderate Internet surfers, one way satellite Internet access offers high speed that is reliable and much more affordable than two way access. Because of the simplicity and reliability, one way satellite Internet access is not regulated by the FCC. This gives the flexibility of choice of professional or self installation.

Put an end to your slow Internet access. Satellite Internet access may very well be the answer that you were looking for.