Premium Internet Security Software – Avast Premier Review

In today’s cyber world, Security is a significant issue faced by internet users. This necessitates the need for a means to counter malicious cyber threats which come in the form of ransomware, spyware, adware etc. Antivirus programs have provided internet users with more protection and safety. Avast makes one of the best and most popular antivirus software. Avast has a reputation for being one of the pioneer cybersecurity company with a significant market share. Their premium security software is called the Avast premier. This premium antivirus program offers users protection through the integration of various security components like firewall, antivirus engine etc. Another vital product provided by the company is the Avast internet security software. Selecting the product that fits your need depends mostly on the scenario. Here is a review that provides you with valuable information that will help you identify that the Avast premier is a better option.

Functions of Avast premier

Some of the tasks of the Avast premier security software includes:

Ease of use and has a good user interface.

Identification and removal of malware from your computer system.

Protecting against network attacks when connected to the internet.

Differences and similarities between Avast premier and Avast internet security

The similarities between Avast premier and Avast internet security include the following

Both offer protection and Core components/modules.

They stop malware and hackers from accessing your system. It also prevents the execution of malicious code and processes on your computer system.

They update all third-party software applications installed in your computer so that you can obtain security patches.

Apparently to a large extent both have the same thing to offer. If you are looking for something better in spite of the cost, Avast premier is a better option. Just in case you intend to save some dollars then you can go for the cheaper Avast internet security.


Some of the pros of Avast premier Includes:

The antivirus engine cleans virus from your computer system at a fast rate, and it is very active.

It offers a good user experience because of its ease of use and excellent user interface design.

It provides a high level of safety and protection when connected to unsecured wireless networks with the aid of the firewall.

The advanced settings option gives experts and professional users the ability to utilise the software.


Avast premier increases the time it takes for your computer to boot.

You may be charged an extra fee to get access to customer support over the phone.

The web shield component does not work well and as a result of this users are still susceptible to phishing and spoofing attacks.

Antivirus scans by the Avast premier are not automatic, and there is no feature in place to automatically scan removable media drives when inserted into your computer system.

Avast SafePrice, a web browser extension is a feature installed by the security suite. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with security. It is just another way of extorting money from users.

You will need to pay an additional fee to utilise the bundled application.

They did not include Parental controls as part of what they offer in their security suite.

You will not get detailed information about what happened on your computer system because there are no logs for it.

Internet Security Software Guide: How Can You Choose the Right Cyber Protection for Your Needs?

One cannot be complacent about security these days. There are always hackers and thieves doing all they can to steal people’s money, personal information, photos, identities, etc. Much of today’s cyber threats involve fraud on some level. If you don’t already have reliable internet security software, it’s time to get it. If you do have one, either make sure it is up to date or choose another one. There should always be a security suite running on your computer and mobile devices at all times.

A regular antivirus program isn’t really enough these days, as cybercriminals are continuously looking for new ways to bypass security. The good thing about a lot of security packages is that their pricing usually includes protection for multiple devices as well as parental control tools. This means you can protect not only yourself but your children from cybercriminals and predators.

On the other hand, you might not need all of the tools and features internet security software comes with. Too many processes could just lead to your computer or device being clogged up. Carefully look over a list of the features that are included in each subscription plan and decide which plan will be enough for you. Do you really need everything? For instance, not everyone needs extra webcam protection. You can simply cover yours up when not using it. If you’re not on social networking sites that much, you might not need extra protection for it. A Wi-Fi security advisor is good for businesses to have, but do you need it for your home network?

Why Not Go With Free Internet Security Software

Free software isn’t the best choice because it tends to come with strings attached, like advertisements all over the interface. You’ll often get popup notifications trying to get you to pay for the full version. The interface for a premium suite of security software is usually cleaner and easier to use.

If you want to protect multiple devices and PCs, it’s important to select a company that simplifies the process, by offering some type of remote control and scanning. Will you be able to login to the company’s website and access your account and take control of the network? It’s also very helpful when the security program automatically updates itself so that you won’ t have to keep up with everything on all of your devices.

While there is some great internet security software to choose from, Bitdefender Internet Security is the one worth mentioning the most. Bitdefender products are easy to use and come with a variety of subscription options. AV-Comparatives named it the “Product of the Year” in Feb. 2018.

Whether you want Antivirus Plus, Family Plus, or internet security software, Bitdefender 2019 coupon codes are available and can be applied to save you money. Bitdefender is a trusted and reliable provider of computer security products, and has been winning awards for years.