5 Steps on How to Become an Internet Radio Host!

What is required to become an Internet Radio Host?

  • You should have a great personality
  • You should be the type of person that can hold someones attention
  • You should have something to say that people want to hear
  • You should have a passion for speaking
  • You need to interact with your listeners

To captivate an audience on radio is no small task. Just think about it for a minute, to get not one but many people to put their lives on pause to listen to what you have to say is an extraordinary task. It’s like you hypnotize your audience and they are just stuck on whatever you have to say for the next thirty (30),sixty (60) or One-Hundred and Twenty (120) minutes.

Step 1 Find an Internet Radio Station to Host Your Show.

You will need to find an Internet Radio Station that will sell you broadcasting time. That’s right. You will have to buy the air time. But, unlike traditional land radio, it is not that expensive. Radio time is usually sold in blocks.

You should also check out the Radio Station as well. You will need to find out

  • What type of station are They. If they are a Country and Western Station and you are a Blues DJ that probably is not a good fit.
  • Do they have a talk show format? Do they have any talk shows on their station?
  • Are they a twenty-four hour station? Will they schedule you at three o’ clock in the morning?
  • What is their blocking time like? If you wanted a two hour show 5 days a week would you be able to purchase that same time Monday through Friday?

Step 2 Format, Topic and Type of Show

Your show format is going to determine what type of show you will have and how many listeners that you will receive. You should be broadcasting something that people want to hear. Some formats that you could have would be

  1. Political talk Shows
  2. Sports Talk Shows
  3. Health and Wellness talk shows
  4. Religious talk shows
  5. Music shows ( just pick a Genre that you like)

You will need an interesting topic to keep listeners attention such as:

Interviews with recent newsmakers or local politicians

Controversial issues (the economy, crime, global warming, education, etc.)

Interviews with book authors (who always want publicity)

Ridiculous things that really happened to you or a friend

Music parodies and Internet memes

Sex & relationships (keep it clean)

Health and fitness advice

Step 3 Should you have a Co-Host?

Having a co-host is a great idea. It gives you someone to talk to when callers are slow. A co-host can provide a different point of view, or even a completely opposite one. Listeners love to hear co-hosts squabble! Just make sure your co-host is someone you respect, and whom you’re happy to disagree with. A co-host can also take over when you get sick, or go on vacation. In other words, two talking heads are better than one.

Step 4 Promoting Your Show.

Before you even start the show, talk to people who would be interested in listening. Talk to friends in your social, political, or religious groups, and tell them in advance where and when you’ll be on. If a group has your ideal listener, visit it! Also, write a press release and send it to local newspapers – and a number of others freebie papers. Some hosts also maintain a website, sponsor local events, advertise in local newspapers, or put up signs along major roadways.

Some Internet Radio Stations will run teasers (short radio ads promoting your show) in advance of your new show, display your profile and picture on a show host page, and link to your website. What works really depends on your audience – just ask yourself where your audience gets information and reads ads!

Step 5 Selling Advertising on your Show.

Getting people to advertise on your show is how you will make money. Since you are buying your time from the Internet Radio Station, you can take blocks of that time and sell it to local merchants, Advertising on the radio doesn’t have to mean the traditional 60-second spot with a silly jingle.

Ideally, advertisers should include a special offer available only to your listeners, since that would help them measure how effective their ads are. You could actually make a nice piece of money off of the advertising alone.

The popularity of a radio host is based upon how many listeners that they are able have tune into their show every time it is on. The more listeners that you have will show a Radio Station or Advertisers how popular that you are.

Introduction to Internet Radio Stations

Technological developments, especially in the field of electronics, resulting in the availability of a large number of electronic devices, have substantially contributed to making our life much more comfortable. Many of the modern electronic devices make it convenient to access the Internet, a fact that has facilitated the appearance of online radio stations. These Internet radios have opened the doors to a whole lot of entertainment. Here’s a brief introduction to these industry, telling you how these stations operate and what benefits they carry.

Working of an online radio

So far, we have had physical radio stations, with almost every small or big city having at least one, if not more. As the name clearly indicates, an online radio works through the Internet. It is just like another website, and therefore accessible from any corner of the world that has the facility of the net. Unlike a physical radio station, which often transmits programs with irritating accompanying noise, the programs relayed by an online station are free of all undesirable noises and disturbances. The most convenient part of such stations is the fact that you could listen to your favorite program from anywhere. Just log onto that radio station and enjoy your preferred program anytime you like.

How expensive is an online radio?

The Internet has worked wonders by offering us so many facilities. The most attractive feature is the fact that you are not to pay anything for accessing programs via the Internet, and an online radio is one such program. So, now you can enjoy your loved program without spending a penny. The most amazing part is that you can do it from anywhere on the face of our planet.

How to get connected?

You simply have to browse the net and locate the correct online radio station containing your ‘channel.’ It’s not that all websites connect to all stations. The channel arranged by any one site depends on its geographical location and to whom it is connected. So, before signing with one, you have to ascertain that the site has arrangement for providing you with what you may be keen to get. You need to check out the options it provides. Look for a website offering numerous options through which you can easily browse.

Those who prefer listening to radios stand to gain the most by using online radio stations. Now, they have a choice of listening to any number of stations, which are so easy to access, offering a wide range of programs catering to the listener’s choice. Radio listeners are enjoying the freedom of connectivity that these radios provide. If, for any reason, you couldn’t listen to your favorite program, you need not feel sad about it, because now you can access the program online.

No more will you miss your loved program whether at home, workplace or even while commuting. You can enjoy your favorite music whenever you like, wherever you are.

The Growing Popularity of the Internet Radio

Using an Internet radio, you can deliver your message to a wider audience in a simple and economical manner. The audience for online radio is growing rapidly. Technology has facilitated broadcasting with help of a laptop and devices like iPhones and iPods. By getting a great idea and having a phone, you can host your own radio show anytime you want.

We have statistical data revealing that over 22 million adults in America own an MP3 player or an iPod. 29% of this population downloads podcasts via the Internet, enabling them to enjoy their preferred music at any time they find convenient. It means over six million adults have used this novel feature that enables them to download Internet ‘broadcasts’ and listen to them on devices that they can conveniently move around with.

These days, you can watch TV shows on your cell phone. It is possible now to stay connected in ways which were unimaginable a decade ago. You don’t need to be at a particular place at a specific time to watch your favorite program or listen to the music you love. The programs that could so far only be watched at a particular time from home can now be enjoyed while sitting in a roadside restaurant or backyard.

The radio that we have been using since generations is becoming obsolete, as an increasing number of people are already using the Internet for getting their piece of information at any time they want, and in any manner they like. There is little doubt the radio that we have known until today will not be there fifteen years from now.

The latest technology has modified the rules of programming. Unlike the rules applicable to worldly radios, formats like Blog Talk Radio and social networking sites can now double up as a network of the Internet radio, allowing its associates to host radio shows. A format of this type enables a common individual with an idea or a passion to do programming on their own and craft their own radio show.

Now, people are getting an opportunity for creating a new type of digital platform, allowing them to produce a message and send it over to a far wider audience than they could ever do in the past. Statistical data reveals that consumers in the high income bracket are patrons of the Internet radio. It is estimated that 36% of these patrons, with an age of over eighteen years, are more likely to be living in households having an income of over one thousand US dollars, compared to the normal population in the US.

Now it has become possible for businesses and even individual to deliver their message to a wide range of listeners all over the world. With an increasing number of consumers patronizing the Internet radio, new opportunities will keep appearing for both, the listeners and the creators of radio programs.